Why Vibuy

With interactive video technology of Vibuy, we will change the way you use your video.

Vibuy is a video eCommerce platform that allows brands to sell from video content and review analytical information from customer interactions.

Reduces the number of steps required for a purchase. It transforms the passive viewer into potential customers and active buyers. Simplifies the consumer shopping experience.

Create shoppable videos with Vibuy and turn your videos into investment-generating, measurable experiences.

Technology Proposition

VIBUY is a collaborative video e-commerce platform to automate product placement campaigns based on a multichannel broadcasting strategy.


The Power of Interactive Video

The configuration and parametrization of its functional modules implemented in Vibuy Central Studio.

Convert Content to Sale

More leads, more sales: in-video hotspot interactions, quick purchase and data capture.

Get Everyone's Attention

Use your videos in new, interactive ways that inform, entertain and educate. Make your audience decide in less time.

Understand Your Customer Base

Performance tracking provides invaluable information. Capture analytical data to know how your content provides feedback.

Make Your Content More Memorable

Give your audience a unique experience, add new audiences to your story and create more positive brand feelings.

All The Features You Need


Create interactive videos in a very short time. Easy enough to require no technical knowledge.


Personalize your video player based on your interaction to create brand-specific experiences.


Publish your interactive content to your website or social media in just a few clicks.


Identify the data that matters to you and track the performance of your interactive video content.

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