Collaborative CMS with the Approvement System

Vibuy Central Studio is a professional and full responsive portal for automatic product placement video campaigns: from the brand strategy definition to the product linking over the video, including campaign scheduling, as well as product information synchronization and consumer interactions monitoring, with an outstanding video catalogue management.


Easily Add Your Products to Your Video

Collaborative product placement management allowing real time fine-tune of the video, campaign information and the video product linking process with information and contents.

Campaign Creation and Management

Collaborative video product placement campaign’s definition, planning, forecast, execution and monitoring integrating all the potential roles of the process (Content Producers, Broadcasters, Advertisers and Data Annalists) in order to maximize the campaign performance in terms of marketing, social engagement, content creation, paid advertising, B2C and/or data analytics.

Easily Track Insights and Reporting

Tracking how each viewer watches and interacts with each video, second by second, to give the best insight into how your video product placement campaigns are performing.

E-commerce Integration with API

Vibuy delivers a set of APIs to easily synchronize product information with e-commerce platforms

Photo Gallery for the Incredible Product Management

Photo catalogue management allowing real time collaboration between Vendors, Video Producers, Advertisers and Broadcasters in order to organize our photo catalogue with a multi-campaign approach.

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