Know Your Audience

Tracking how each viewer watches and interacts with each video, second by second, to give the best insight into how your video product placement campaigns are performing.

Product Sales Analysis

Customers can integrate ViBuy with Google Marketing Platform to gain a more complete view of buyers, and connect data with Google cross-device and intent signals to identify the most valuable audiences.

Customer Heatmap Analysis

Analyze what’s your customers actually do on the video, where they click most on videos, and get their in-the-moment feedback to improve the experience.

Product sales details with the demography

Show customers the story behind each video and product view in order to discover which buyers has been watching videos and products, how much of each video they’ve watched, and which videos are providing the most value to the product placement campaigns.

Social Stats

Vibuy identifies and tracks the people watching your videos and clicking products, and makes it easy to sort all of the data with the Buyer Data Manager, to send this data to customer’s analytics platform and CRM in order to score leads, measure assisted conversion, or track playback for groups of buyers.

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